One among the many projects of Premaanjali is “Saniha” which is a Student Sponsorship Scheme intiated on 10th December 2004.

This was introduced with an objective to support students from underprivileged sections of our society with financial assistance for all their schooling & educational needs.

Saniha started with 52 beneficiaries who received this sponsorship, from three schools. Presently the foundation is supporting 250 students from 15 schools. Since inception, the project has supported in all, around 700 beneficiaries from various schools.

The procedures we follow for selecting beneficiaries are as follows:

  • Schools are shortlisted on the basis of primarily being un-aided schools and selecting children here, who genuinely require this sponsorship.
  • Teachers from these schools also refer such children who need this support.
  • A Social worker is then sent to visit the homes of these children to find out the status of the family and prepare a report.
  • From this report, selection of the beneficiaries is done on the basis of the family’s financial status, health condition and in some cases being single parent due to the death or desertion of their spouse.
  • Chosen beneficiaries are then given the sponsorship, which includes school fees of the corresponding year, cost of books and uniform.
  • The school fee is paid in 4 quarterly payments by cheques directly to the school authorities. The cost of the books and uniforms are paid along with the first installment.
  • The corresponding bills and documents of each beneficiary are collated and filed for records and reference.
  • A constant follow up is carried out to check the overall progress of each beneficiary and challenges if any are resolved.

Along with this student sponsorship, other associated activities are also carried out like:

  • Classes are conducted to deal with the issues of adolescence for 9th standard students, in collaboration with the Sanjivini Trust.
  • We also organize for eminent speakers to address the parents of our sponsored children, engaging them in training, in areas of cleanliness, money management, health, family problems and many more.
  • We arrange Career counseling for 10th standard students.
  • Teachers are also counseled as required from time to time.

Over the last 10 years Saniha has reached out to children, who otherwise would have missed this opportunity to get educated. All the beneficiaries have shown remarkable progress in their studies, discipline and behavior. Parents also have shown consistent growth in their personal and family lives.

A thanks giving function, to mark the 10th year since Saniha was started, was conducted in the month of July 2015 in certain schools. The beneficiaries along with their parents and teachers got together. The teachers were honored for their contribution while a cultural event was organized to showcase the talents of these young minds in the presence of Premaanjali members.

Saniha is near each child in need. Saniha is growing from strength to strength and seeks the involvement of all like-minded individuals.

Let us educate our children, build right values in our society and make this world a more beautiful place to live in, because we are here!

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